About Olivier Pope Inc

Olivier Pope Inc is an image crisis management company. With key competences demonstrated in the use of new media technology, our corporate ability rests in the use of non-conventional resources in addressing the challenges individuals, organizations, governments and brands face in a complex and constantly evolving world. 

Our firm parades a team of dynamic young professionals with field experiences across public and private sectors particularly in the areas of brand development, brand management and strategic communication using new media platforms.

Our consultancy covers a wide range of new media solutions: website design and management, social media content creation, social media engagement and management.

Years of experience in consulting have enabled our company forge media, communication, advocacy, creative industry, financial services, business development, security and other strategic alliances and partnerships across public and private sectors, locally and internationally – all instrumental to the cutting edge results that our services guarantee.

Clients who desire solutions in the effective use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus, Blackberry and new media platforms for viral trends, advocacy and communication can count on Olivier Pope Inc.


To provide image management solutions to individuals, organizations, governments and brands as they confront daily challenges in a complex and constantly evolving world.


To become one of the world’s leading crisis management firms.